Last update: 
February 27, 2014

This class begins the preparation for the Advanced Placement French Language and Culture Exam taken at the end of AP French V. Free reading and guided reading of more difficult material, songs, timed compositions, and films provide a rich base of language in context. In class, guided reading centers on the Petit Nicholas series and a short novel. Students have weekly free reading or listening assignments taken from French newspapers, magazines, or television programs. During the second and third trimesters, specific practice is targeted at advanced grammar skills and writing style. Both teacher and students use French exclusively for instruction. Summer work is required for students going on to French V. Work on Rosetta Stone is assigned each trimester. The textbook Apprenons is required in Advanced French IV and will be used also in AP French V in order to cover the six thematic areas of the revised AP French Language and Culture exam.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor or an A- or higher in French III.

Grades 11–12
Full Year