Lower School News

Second, seventh grade team up for pumpkin project

Last week, second graders in Shandra Holbrook’s class teamed up with Matt Evans’ seventh grade geography students for a fun, cross-curricular project using pumpkins.

TV, film, stage star visits KCD

On Monday, KCD was proud to welcome Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Lee Meriwether to campus. Ms.

Learning Spanish through stories

This year, Sra. Lindsay Jennings is introducing a new method in JK and kindergarten Spanish classes.

Fourth graders excel in math competition

Congratulations to Ms. Kennedy’s fourth grade class for finishing sixth overall in the Sumdog Math Jefferson County Contest. Thirty-three classes qualified, and nearly nine hundred students played. Ms. Kennedy’s class was the top fourth grade class in the county, only placing behind KCD fifth grade classes in the overall contest. Overall, Bearcats occupied the top six spots in the contest! Sumdog is an online math website that holds local and national contests each week. Student must answer 1,000 questions in a week’s time. Way to go, fourth graders!

Kindergartners learn coding basics

Recently, prominent tech leaders have talked about the importance of teaching coding in the curriculum. At KCD, students as young as JK and kindergarten are now learning the fundamentals of coding through an iPad app called Kodable.

Lower school science: inquiring minds want to know

Science starts with asking questions. How do plants and animals depend on each other? What stages do plants go through as they grow?

Students love the library reading nook!

At the end of last year, students were welcomed by a colorful and comfortable new reading nook in the Robertson Library.

Mr. Lyman helps out with reading program

The Daily 5 is a literacy and reading comprehension program that emphasizes several different aspects of literacy, including reading to others. This week, Mr.

Choral Theatre Players present Little Red Riding Hood

Congratulations to director Jeannine Ary and the Choral Theatre Players on a great production of Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

Exploremore takes to the stage

The theme of this year’s Exploremore was Broadway Bearcats, and annual field day had dozens of great activities taking the stage.

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