Lower School News

Exploremore blasts off!

This year, Exploremore took lower schoolers into outer space to explore a galaxy of fun activities.

Students learn the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet

Third grade is concluding their study of the human body in science. Every student studied the skeletal, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Special guest gives a sampler of Japanese culture

Third grade was delighted to welcome former Crane House volunteer Carol Lee to KCD last week for her presentation on Japan, her country of origin. Ms.

Grandparents and Special Friends program is musical celebration of gardens

Congratulations to LS students, Jeannine Ary, and LuAnn Hayes on two wonderful Grandparents and Special Friends performances last week.

Lower schoolers help out at Americana Garden

As a part of the gardening theme of the upcoming Grandparents and Special Friends Program, lower school students and their parents joined Ms. Ary and Ms.

Fourth graders explore physics with egg drop

Fourth grade recently concluded their physics unit with a hands-on project. Students spent a day building structures that could save a raw egg when dropped from about six feet.

Arts Guild funds opportunities for students

Lower schoolers have recently had the chance to work with some special guests thanks to the KCD Fine Arts Guild.

Lower schoolers explore gardening through service

As we reported earlier, this year’s Grandparents and Special Friends Day program will celebrate the theme of gardening.

JK & K students share music with parents

Earlier this week, JK and K students shared their musical talents with parents in LuAnn Hayes’ music class.

JK welcomes Orchestra visitor

Yesterday, Ms. Hayes and JK students welcomed Jason Pearman, the education manager from the Louisville Orchestra, for a special story time. Mr.

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