Last update: 
March 8, 2012

This is a year-long course in which the student can continue investigating techniques, concepts, and materials introduced in his or her foundations classes. The goal of this course will be a comprehensive study of specific visual art disciplines in order to gain proficiency in technique, as well as a deeper appreciation for and understanding of art, art-making, and art history. The course will begin by exploring the breadth of a medium, concept, technique, or style from the area of study in which the student has some prior experience. The student will work in a concentration throughout the year in order to create a complete portfolio of work by the year’s end. This portfolio will be considered as the primary form of evaluation for acceptance into Studio Portfolio II Advanced or AP Studio Portfolio.

Prerequisite: One Foundations class and instructor approval. It is recommended that the student take Art History during this year.

Grades 11–12
Full Year