Last update: 
February 26, 2014

This course gives students the opportunity to learn programming in Java at an introductory level. It is not a prerequisite for taking AP Computer Science. It progresses at a pace that allows students to learn the basic concepts of programming while simultaneously challenging them to develop their problem solving skills. This class emphasizes a structured programming approach so students can master fundamental programming concepts that include declaring and using variables, using assignment statements, making calculations, and designing and using loops and branching statements to solve problems. Students work with lists of data in the form of standard one-dimensional arrays and they receive an introduction to object-oriented programming that includes declaring and using object variables to call methods, as in applet programs that utilize the Java drawing commands. The free compiler software Eclipse for Windows and Macintosh is used in writing and developing programs. (May be offered every trimester depending on demand.)

Available Trimester 3
Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Sophomore level status having completed Geometry with a B average.