Philanthropy and Community Service

Last update: 
March 13, 2011

In 2005, this class was recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools with their Leading Edge Program Award, which recognizes excellence and innovation in the curriculum. This course teaches the importance of philanthropy, as well as the skills and challenges associated with it, through experiential learning. Students serve as trustees for The Artemis Fund (f. 2001). This is a donor-advised fund under the auspices of the Community Foundation of Louisville, with the purpose of raising and distributing funds to local organizations that support the development of youth. The trustees are governed by their self-determined by-laws, mission, and strategic plan. Students first complete the more academic portion of the course (the history and philosophy of philanthropy), then immerse themselves in the more practical phase: soliciting financial support and evaluating prospective grantees. Several guest speakers attend class sessions.

All students receive a grade for class participation. This includes preparation for the class and their work as trustees/officers. Given the emphasis on achieving a common goal, students are also evaluated as a team (group work grade). Students are required to complete several projects for the course.

Grades 10–12
Trimester 3